Top 10 Most Trusted Real Estate Companies in Lagos Nigeria

most trusted real estate companies in lagos, nigeria


Looking for the most trusted real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy a property but you confused about the most trusted real estate company you can trust with your money?

It is no more news that there are many real estate companies in Lagos, new ones are springing up daily positioning themselves as professionals.

And it can be very risky to invest your hard earned money with a company that doesn’t have any remarkable projects been accomplished or that is not licensed by the state government.

One of the major factors to look out for when trying to buying a property in Lagos from any real estate company is her integrity, genuity, years of experience and accomplishment.

However, here are the top 10 most trusted real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria when it comes to:

    • Land Verification
    • Documentation
    • Fast Allocation
    • Investment Security
    • Project Execution.

Top 10 most trusted real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria.


1. Zylus Homes and Investment


Zylus Homes and Investment is a top leading real estate company and property development company in Lagos.

The company has properties at different key locations in Nigeria, It’s head office is located at Lekki, Lagos Island.

They provides top notch customer service relationship, most of their properties have Certificate of Occupancy, and they allocate to their client without delay.

Some of their properties are Tiwa Garden City, the Arizon Estate, Lekki Pride 1, 2 and 3, Western Hilltop Estate to mention few.

They have delivered to more than fifty landowners/investors. They are also the founder of real estate cashback, a real estate investment scheme.

2. Tribitat Real Estate


Tribitat Real Estate is also one of the top leading trusted real estate company in Lagos.

It has expanded its real estate business to abroad. It offers both residential and commercial real estate services.

Some of their projects are The Ambiance, The Iconic, Ambiance Foreshore, Ambiance Heights and Ambiance Creek.

They have been in the industry for many years with huge remarkable results.


Most Trusted Real estate companies in Lagos



3. Efficacy Construction Company


Efficacy construction company is also one of the most trusted real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

It has been in existence for 15 years.

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They focus majorly on housing project, some of their projects are Peak Luxury Court, Peak Resort and Golf, Peak Terrace etc.

4. Gracias Global Group


Gracias is part of the leading real estate firm in Nigeria with remarkable result, their properties are also within Lekki, Ajah, Ibeju Lekki.

Some of their projects are Coral City, Westwood Lakes. Gracias morganite.

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5. Adozillion Homes and Reality


Adozillion Homes and Reality is also a genuine real estate company in Lagos State, Adozillion’s office is located at Ikate, Elegushi.

It focuses and specializes in affordable luxury real estate.

Some of their projects are Eco value garden city, Monte Carlo, and Musafa Apartment. They allocate their clients at the stipulated time and also have good customer service.

6. Redbrick Homes limited


Redbrick homes is the developers of amen estate, is also a leading company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Some of their projects are Amen Estate 1,2,3, Amen city, Amen annex.

7. Frontier Homes


Frontier Homes is one of the leading global business with its major focus on real estate and financial investments.

It properties are located both at Lagos mainland and Island.

Some of their projects are Wura Garden, Sapphire, Itura City, King’s Court and so on. It has properties at different locations in Nigeria, such as Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, e.t.c.

8. Eystone Development


Eystone development is an international and African real estate award winning brand that offers ranges of properties for investment purposes.

Part of its projects are Capstone 1 and 2, Gemstone, Ibeju lekki,1,2,3 and Bulverton Estate.

They allocate without delay and your investment is totally safe with them.

Most Trusted Real estate companies in Lagos


9. Landmark Corporate Reality Limited


Landmark Corporate Reality Limited engages in real estate brokerage, real estate investment and construction.

Its estates are always embodiments of beauty and style.

Some of their project are Fairmont green and Smart Estate, De-avocado Apartment, Paragon Terraces etc.

10. Urban Living Development


Urban Living Development is trusted real estate company that set standards for a modern lifestyle through affordable luxury developments.

Its office is located at Ajah, Lagos state. Some of its projects are boulevard 1 and 2, and Deckland Garden.


Most Trusted Real estate companies in Lagos


PS: If you are interested in getting a property in any of these companies either for investment or residential purpose.

Or you have an inquiry to make about Lagos real estate, kindly chat me on +2347036806372 or click the whatsapp button on the screen for free consultation.

These companies are the top ten most trusted real estate companies in Lagos state, Nigeria. I can guarantee you in terms of fast allocation, valid documents and investment security.

They are duly registered and licensed by Lagos state government and have strong ties the government which make your investment with them very safe.

Though, there are many other real estate companies in Lagos state, but when it comes to fast allocation and investment security, the aforementioned ones are what I will advise you to go for.

Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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