Why Invest NOW in a Land in Epe, Lagos

Why invest now in a land in epe

there are several reasons why invest NOW in a Land in Epe, Lagos.

Do you know that there are some certain places in Lagos that the best time to buy land there was 10 years ago? If one dare to invest in such places today, it could lead to debt or little profit.

The same thing is coming to happen in Epe, Lagos, Nigeria.

The sole aim of investing in real estate is to make money, not just mere money but the one that could make you wealth. and the perfect way to make that money is to buy land in a place that has high tendency of appreciating at a certain period of time and at the right price.

I believe you must have heard about Epe, Lagos. Almost every developer is talking about how it is becoming the new face of Lagos.

The reason why you should invest in a property there now is because it is the new booming area in Lagos where government is investing right now.

According the estate intel, it states that one of the major causes of the new shift and focus to this new area is huge projects and infrastructures pushed by the state government.

Why Invest NOW in a Land in Epe, Lagos.

1. It is very good for Land Banking

You can easily buy a land, keep it for some years and resell it to make profit. The price of land in Epe is fast appreciating. One of my client who bought a plot of Eco Value Garden City 2.0, Epe, Lagos is already making 40% returns on investment.

Land Banking is profitable in a place that is yet to be developed which make Epe to be the perfect location for it.

2. It has several notable landmarks

Many developments would take place and some are already going on . Here are some of the projects that would come up in Epe in the nearest future.

  • Lagos Film City, the biggest film city in Africa
  • Epe Marina Project
  • Proposed Lekki Deep Seaport
  • Proposed International Airport
  • Universities
  • Alaro city
  • Isime Lagos.

Lagos Film City, Epe.

African Film and Media City, Epe, Lagos is the largest in Africa as a whole. It is sitting on 100 hectares of land, which is going to attract a lot of foreign and local investors.

The film city is would comprise of pre production, production down to post production, vocational university, cinema, leisure spot, recreational facilities, and much more related to entertainment.

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Can you foresee the kind of people who would be attracted to this particular location in the nearest future that would need either residential and commercial space? Will you like to miss out on this?

Of course, not!

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Epe is surrounded by Developed Neighborhood

Epe is surrounded by rich neighbourbood and well connected to cities like Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah, Lagos Island, Ikorodu, Ijebu-ode, and more developed communities.

Buying a plot or more plots of land in ketu or Igbodu, Epe is the best investment right now especially with the latest development of Lagos Film City in few years to come more projects would be embarked on and completed.

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By then the land in Epe would be having same value like the one in Ibeju-lekki. So any land you buy now in Epe for 4m could sell as high as 8 to 10m after 3 years.

There is an evidence that the value of land in this area will soon compete with that of Ibeju-lekki. In 2008 a plot of land in Ibeju-lekki was 3m today a plot sells at 15m.

As soon as most of these projects are completed there would be huge demand for housing and landed properties. So I will advice you not to miss the opportunity.

There is no solid investment opportunity in Nigeria less risky as real estate. People who refused to believe the future in Ibeju-lekki are now regretting.

There is a client who told me, she regretted not to invest in Ibeju-lekki when it was still selling at 3m.

I won’t want you to be like this woman who refused to take golden opportunity when she ought to. It is never too late for you to take a piece of Lagos. Don’t be left out!

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Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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