Is Freehold Land Safe to Buy in Nigeria?

Freehold land

Is Land with Freehold safe to buy in Nigeria? That is the question you will hear from anyone who want to invest in Epe, Lagos state.

One of my prospective clients call me to make enquiry about Epe, he said all what he has been hearing about Epe is freehold and he was asking me to elaborate what it really means and how safe the land is with such land title.

Do you want to buy land in Lagos but you don’t really understand what freehold is and wondering whether it is safe to buy or not?


Buying of property without getting a valid document can make one lost the property and there are different types of land titles documents in Nigeria such as

  • Global acquisition
  • Excision
  • Gazette
  • Certificate of Occupany
  • Governor’s consent
  • Freehold.

Then the question is.

Is freehold safe to buy and how genuine is it?

Freehold is a new land title for most land in Epe, presently most real estate developers obtain freehold in order to assure intending buyers that such land is free from government acquisition.

Freehold property is not under a committed land

Do you know what a committed land is?

A committed land is a parcel of land under government acquisition which the government has intention of using in the future for specific purposes such as construction road network, infrastructural facilities, housing project etc.

So, freehold as the implied it is free from being hold by the government.

It is like other land titles I mentioned earlier, it is genuine and very safe to buy and processing of certificate of occupancy on such land is very easy in the future.

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Most of the land that are for sale in Epe now have freehold, though there are some that already with certificate of occupancy but they are very few. So, It now depends your budget.

Presently, most of the properties in Epe have freehold, they are very safe to buy because due diligence has been made which show that they are not under government acquisition.

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Though some have certificate of occupancy like Coral City, Iconic Garden, Dukia Africa, but their prices are way higher than the ones with freehold.

But instead of waiting to gather money to buy the one with c of o, I will suggest you buy the one with freehold because the price of land is not stable, if you want to start waiting till you get money to buy the one with c of o you may end up not buying anything.

Bulveton, Zeckland and Eco Value Garden City are some the properties in Epe with freehold.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a property in Epe with freehold, you can decide without fear. It is a good deal to make huge return on investment.

In conclusion, land in Epe are with freehold, they are fast appreciating and very safe to buy, certificate of occupancy can easily be processed on it.

You can kindly chat me up if you need a property in Epe whether the one with freehold or the one with certificate of occupancy by clicking on the whatsapp button on screen.

Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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