About The Naija Trusted Realtor

Who is the naija trusted realtor?

I Help you get excellent properties and never get scammed!

Rukayat Yusuf is the face behind naija trusted realtor.

She is an experienced and trusted real estate consultant

and also a certified member of Billionaire Realtors Group (BRG) the largest real estate brokerage firm in Nigeria.

This site is created to inform real estate investors like you to fully understand the Nigerian real estate market and to be guided in order not to make mistakes that would create a story that touches the heart.

Lagos Properties. Rukayat Yusuf Naija Trusted Realtor
Who is the naija trusted realtor?

I am your trusted Solution for your real estate/property needs!

I will make sure that you don’t fall victim of scammers who position themselves as realtors. There are so many touching stories of people who have been scammed of their hard earned money in property transaction. 

Real estate in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state can be very scary, risky, and confusing with the high level of noise on the internet. Which made many potential investors find it very hard to know whom to trust. 

There are lots of real estate companies that are not  licensed member of Lagos State Real Estate Regulator Authority (LASRERA), but positioning themselves licensed ones.  

A warm welcome from Rukayat!

Congratulations! As you finally stumbled upon my site. 

As the name implies naija trusted realtor

Trust is my watch word, integrity and your satisfaction are my main priorities. 

Now imagine:

1. Buying your landed properties from a verified and licensed real estate company with no forms of issues. 

2. Getting allocation at the stipulated time without any form of delay. 

3. Having the opportunity to pay in installments with the range of 6, 12 or 18 months. 

4. Having a realtor to help you monitor the buying process from inspection, documentation down to allocation. 

5. Having an investment that is very safe with good ROI even if you are in the diaspora.

6. Having a realtor who is always informing you about the property update. 

All these are what I will help you to achieve as your realtor. 

I’m Rukayat Yusuf, the naija trusted realtor! 

Chat me up, and let me help you grow your passive income through real estate investment with a high return on investment.

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