6 Reasons You Should Buy Land from a Real Estate Company

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Why should I buy land from a real estate company?

There are several reasons why you should buy land from a real estate company instead of buying unguaranteed source.

Buying a property through omo onile (land grabbers) can be very cheap than buying from a licensed real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria.

But the trouble, stress and extortion that come with it later can be very frustrating, annoying and discouraging.

Buying your land from a standard real estate company comes with a lot of benefits which made many investors to prefer companies to omo onile (land grabbers).

Should I buy from a real estate company or omo onile (land grabber)?


If you are still contemplating on where to buy. Let me give you some genuine reasons why buying from a company is the best.


6 Reasons why you should buy land from a real estate company


1. Genuine and Secured Property.


Any property you buy from a licensed real estate company is always authentic, nothing like selling one land to two or three people.

You won’t experience any fear of loosing your property to someone else. You can leave it for numbers of years nobody would trespass.

2. Flexible Installment Payment Plan.


Another reason why you should buy land from a real estate company is the flexible installment payment plan you will benefit.

The flexible payment plan ranges from 0 to 3 months which is outright. It simply means from 0 to 3 months is interest free.

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While other payment plan are 0 to 6, 0 to 12 and 0 to 18 months with little interest, and if you buy during promo period you can enjoy discount price of land with incentives.

3. Nothing Like Land Disputes/ Issues.


Nothing like land disputes or issues when it comes buying from a licensed and standard real estate company in Lagos.

Do you know when you buy from a company, all your risk about the property has automatically been transferred to the company?

The company helps you to manage the risk. It is not a new thing that buying from omo onile or a particular family can lead to dispute which can ultimately lead to court case. But when you buy from company you won’t encounter such problem.

4. Valid Documents.


Getting a genuine and valid document is another reason why you buy land from a real estate company. 

Document is very important when buying a property in Lagos. Then, how do you overcome being given fake documents after buying?

The answer is to buy from a genuine company, getting of land titles documents such as certificate of occupancy, deed of assignment and registered survey plan is very easy with the company even at discount price.

5. Maintenance.


There is nothing like dumpling of refuse or other form of garbage on your land especially if you are not ready to build on it or you intend using it for land banking or for any other reasons.

It would be well secured by the estate management, though you would be asked to pay service charge for the maintenance.

6. No Extortion.


Nothing like paying of foundation fee, roofing or any other form of money collected by miscreant or omo onile when you buy from a company. Most of the issues people who bought from omo onile suffer from is huge extortion.

All these are taken care of by the company which would make you not to have any business with them.

However, all these are the reasons why you should buy your land from a real estate company. Buying from standard real company always comes with peace of mind, your land will be very well protected and 100% secured.

PS: If you need a land from a genuine and licensed real estate company, you can chat me up by clicking the whatsapp button on the screen. I’m always available to help you through the process.

I also offer free consultation service for real estate.

Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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