5 Easiest Ways to Buy Property in Lagos

easiest ways to buy property in Lagos

Buying of property and paying once can be quite challenging because of the sum of money involved. The price of property in Lagos has appreciated a lot in such a way that only few property finders can afford to pay on outright.

However, the simplest and easiest method of buying property in Lagos, Nigeria is to consider any of the options I listed below and achieve your dream of becoming a property owner easily.

5 Easiest Ways to Buy Property in Lagos

Here are the 5 ways on how you can easily buy either a land or house without stress.

1. Through Installment Payment:

Most real estate companies now practice selling of properties on installment in order to make real estate investment easier and more affordable.

Buying of property through payment plan is a way of buying property and pay monthly or uaterly. This method is cheaper than mortgages due to the high interest rates of mortgages.

Payment plan ranges from 0 to 4, 0 to 6, 0 to 12, 0 to 18 to 0 to 24months depending on what you are buying and the company policy. Many investors have used this method to secure property.

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2. Prelaunch Price:

Prelaunch price is the price at which a land or house is been sold before it is officially launch. Prelaunch price is always sell below the market price and it is an opportunity to quickly key into and buy at lower rate.

3. Buying 300sqms:

Why wait forever with the intention of buying a full plot which may be difficult due to your budget and constant increase in price. You may consider buying half plot of land and build something nice on it with the help of a good architecture.

Half plot is more affordable than a full plot. With half plot you can build either for residential or commercial purpose. You can do land banking or build 3 units 2bedroom flats, 4 bedroom bungalow, 3 bedroom duplex, or any moderate building of your choice.

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4. Through Promo:

Another easiest way you can buy property is through land promo. Most real estate companies offer land promo during festive period or during their anniversary.

The price of properties are always cheaper during this period as there is always discount on the price of land and also give offer like buy 3plots or 6plots and get one for free.

You can target this period and key into any properties of your choice and enjoy the promo price. They offer between the range of 25% discount promo or more.

5. Buy Off plan:

Buying off plan is another way to key into property investment. Some developers sell on off plan because they need more money to embark on the project.

Off plan is a way of buying property before the project start or while it is under construction, It is always sell lesser than a completed project. It is only applicable to building projects and it is one of the easiest ways to buy property in Lagos, especially on Island.

The aforementioned ways are the easiest ways to secure properties in Lagos, most property owners use either of these ways to buy and become a land owner or an investor in Lagos.

One of the most lucrative states to invest in is Lagos due to several landmarks, development and population.

Whether you are planning to buy for residential or commercial purpose conduct through market research and seek professional guide in other to avoid risk.

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Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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