How to Buy a Property in Nigeria without Losing your Money

how to buy a property in Nigeria


How to buy a property in Nigeria without losing your money is now made easier.

Are you a Nigerian based in abroad want to buy property either land or house in Nigeria, but the fear of being scammed by fake real estate agent or be deceived by friends or relatives is holding you from doing the needful?

90% of Nigerians who are either in the country or abroad are always confused about whom to trust with their money when it comes to investing in landed property in Lagos.

If you are in the country but not in Lagos state, you can at least once or twice in a month travel down to Lagos to inspect and monitor the property.

 But in a situation where you are in abroad. How would you go about the transaction process without the risk of being scammed or being sold bad land in a poor area.


Travelling down from abroad to Nigeria to take care of the buying process physically yourself may not be the best option because of the buying process.

It starts from inspecting the property down to allocation. At least, nobody can monitor the transaction  perfectly like you, but I won’t advise you to do that because of two main reasons.

  • You might have of wait till the property is allocated because most real estate companies don’t allocate immediately you buy the property. They allocate in batches and it may take 90 days or more before they can allocate you your property.
  • The price of the property might have increased before you come because the price is always increasingly. Aside these reasons, do you really need to even stress yourself on thing you can solve through internet?

How to Buy a Property in Nigeria without Losing your Money


I would suggest two options for you on how you can buy a property in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state without losing your money.


1. Through your relative


One of the ways you can consider to buy a property in Nigeria without losing your money is to send one of your relative to help you buy the property. Your relative can help you with the transaction from inspection to allocation.

 But the question is.

 Is the person 100% trustworthy?

If yes, you can go ahead by telling her /him to help, but in a situation where you can’t really say, I will advise you to be careful because from my experience as a realtor, there are some relatives who are after their own selfish interest. They can easily deceive you to buy a poor land at higher price after conniving with estate agent.

I believe you understand what I’m trying to say.

So when sending a relative avoid paying to their bank account rather paying directly into the company account yourself and instead of making them decide for you, seek the help of a professional.

Some Nigerians in abroad are yet to secure land in Nigeria because of wrong advice been given to them by their relatives.

2. Through a realtor


This is a method that is widely used by most Nigerians in diaspora to acquire property in Nigeria.

In this modern age of technology, you don’t need to wait till when you visit the country to buy and risk price increment.

You can easily buy through a realtor. For instance, what most of my clients who are based in Abroad do is that they inspect the site/property through a video.

 The video inspection allows them to see exactly how the property looks.

 They also get coordinate for the land to do some research to satisfy their curiosity.

Then read the FAQ, fill the form and make payment from abroad into the company account after filling softcopy of the property subscribing form.

Then I help them monitor the allocation of the property and getting the land documents. The job of a realtor is to guide you to make right buying decision, monitor your allocation and make sure you get your documents.

The documents are either waybill to you or handle over to any of your relatives. It depends on how you want it.

As a realtor, I don’t handle buyer’s money in any ways and your property is 100% safe and secured with the company.

However, these are the two ways on how you can buy property in Nigeria without losing your money. In any option you choose whether you prefer to travelling down yourself which is not advisable or prefer your relative. You will need the service of a realtor.

In any option you wish to go for never send money to individual bank account for whatsoever reasons to help you make payment rather pay directly to the company account yourself.

Then how are you going to protect yourself from unlicensed and substandard company?

The answer is that let a professionals help you out. Use a professional real estate consultant to acquire your property in Nigeria to save you story that touches the heart.

Click the Whatsapp button or call me, let’s guide you on how to invest in Lagos real estate.

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Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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