5 Costly Mistakes That Lead to Property Demolition in Lagos

Mistakes that leads to property demolition in Lagos

Having a property been demolished by the government is a terrible experience which almost everyone must try to prevent.

It is essential to be vigilant of potential red flags that could cause property demolition in the future.

When going for site inspection there are some costly mistakes to avoid during site inspection to prevent demolition of your property in the future especially if it is located in Lagos.

Failure to consider some important factors during the site visit can result to painful experience in the future.

Did you hear about the news of how Lagos State Government is demolishing some properties that are against town planning rules in some parts of the state?

The properties owners were given 15 days to vacate the land in some parts of locations in Lagos.

 Is it possible for them to vacate the place carrying their houses along with them?

Or is it possible for them to disobey the government?

Of course, not.

I felt so bad for them but there is nothing that can be done than to enlighten people on how not to fall victim of such misfortune.

It is so sad that some people will just buy a property blindly without engaging the service of professionals neither considering the threat it will later bring.

As I always say, buying a land or house has to do with a lot of money and it won’t make sense you lose the money due to some reasons that can be easily avoided.

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When trying to buy a land or house, what are the costly mistakes that lead to property demolition in Lagos, Nigeria?

whether you are buying from a real estate company or buying from land grabbers doing due diligence goes a long way.

Conducting due diligence is very important to know the rules that guide the particular location you are looking forward to secure.

Someone asked me how he can that. Incase you don’t also know. It is by going to town planning at Alausa, Ikeja to get information about how safe the location is and the potential infrastructure facilities coming down to the place.

But if you don’t want stress yourself, just buy from a standard real estate company. They conduct all due diligence.

however, some people will see the red flag but will still go ahead and buy due to some certain reasons.

If your building or property is close to these 5 red flags, it’s a matter of time before you receive bulldozer for demolition by Lagos state government.

5 costly mistakes that lead to property demolition in Lagos, Nigeria.

When you go for site inspection, here are 5 things to look out for to avoid loosing your money.

1. Too close to the main road

Buying a property along the road is not a bad idea but buying the one that is too close to the main road or a narrow road can be a problem in the future.

As government may want to expand the road. Incase you have interest in buying a property close to the main road avoid buying the one located along a narrow express road.

2. Tension Wire

Do you know when inspecting a land closeness to high tension wire must be considered. If there any tension wire within the vicinity, it must be at least 60m away from the land you are buying.

Never make costly mistakes of buying a land or house close to powerline to avoid property demolition.

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3. Presence of River or Canal

Another costly mistakes that lead to property demolition is presence of river or canal too close to the property. It is a popular cause of demolition in Lagos to in other prevent flood so when inspecting a property make sure that it is not close to the river channel or canal.

The cruel act some developers or land grabbers adopt is to sand fill part of the river channel and sell to people forgetting that water will naturally find its path which may affect your property in the future.

Pls note a property must be at least 7 meters setback on both side of the river or canal before any property can be erected.

4. Buying a committed land

Mistake that can also make you lost your property to demolition in Lagos is buying a committed land or a house on a committed land

incase you don’t know what committed land means. It is a parcel of land that belong to the government, so if you buy a government land unknowingly there is high tendency that government will need the land and demolish in the future.

Just like some places that was demolished in Ajao Estate by Lagos state government.

5. Buying a cheap land

Buying a land that is way too cheap may later cause misfortune especially when the price of the land in the area is expensive than what you are buying.

Just like looking to buy a land in Ibeju-Lekki for 5M per plot which is very risky because it might be under committed area.

buying a cheap can later come with a lot of problems in the future such as family dispute or government issues which could eventually lead to property demolition.

In a nutshell, Lagos is the hardest place to buy property either a land or house among all the other state. The secret of buying a property with peace of mind is by buying from a real estate company because they have made property research and diligence before selling to the property.

And even if any funny thing happens in the future, the company would be the one to take the risk and also fight.

For inquiry about Lagos real estate investment or how to get a genuine property with valid documents. Call +2347036806372 or Click the whataspp button to chat me.

Rukayat Yusuf
Rukayat Yusuf

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