Understanding Land Measurement in Lagos, Nigeria

Land measurement in Lagos, Nigeria

When buying a land in Nigeria, one of the factors to consider is land measurement.

Because the size of the land will determine what will be built on it.

So many people want to buy land, but they don’t really have much knowledge about land measurement in Nigeria. most especially Lagos.

If you are planning to buy a land, one of the first questions you would be asked is
Is it a plot or half plot?

Then how will you decide on what you want when you don’t really know what a plot or half exactly measures.

That is why you must be familiar with the terms use in land measurement in order not to be deceived or cheated and to also know the kind of building to erect on it.

How is Land Measured in Lagos, Nigeria ?


In Nigeria, the standard land measurement is in


      • Feet

      • Metres

      • Acres

      • Hectares.

    The basic unit for land measurement is
    1foot= 0.3048metres
    1metre= 3.28 feet.

    Though, there are several factors that affect land measurement such as


        • Government policy

        • Economic factor

        • Social factor

        • Family issue

        • Inheritance etc.

      So, I am going to be talking about land measurement in Nigeria, most especially in Lagos state.

      Standard Land Measurement in Lagos state, Nigeria.


      In Lagos, most land are measured in sqm by real estate companies while in feet by local agent.

      Half Plot

      A standard size for Half plot in Nigeria is measured by 30x120ft or 60x60ft (feet) while in square metres is 324sqm.

      In Lagos state, half plot is measured in 300sqm or 250sqm.

      A Plot


      A standard size for a plot is 60x120ft , 50x 100ft (feet) while in square metres is 648sqm.

      But in Lagos, in some areas like Lekki, Ajah, Abijo and some part of mainland is 500sqm, While is 600sqm in some areas like Epe and Ikorodu.

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      An Acre

      An acre of land consist of 6plots. When you want to buy large parcel of land, it is always measure in acres. To simply it.
      An acre is measured by 60x660ft(feet), and 4,046sqm.



      It is larger than acres. It consist of two and half acres of land, approximately 15plots of land in Nigeria.

      It is measured in 328x328ft(feet) which amount to 10,000 square metres.

      Whenever, you are ready to buy a land don’t hesitate to ask the person in charge about the actual size of the land, because they can tell you is a plot and it won’t be up to a full plot or ask your survey to confirm its measurement.

      You may also watch my YOUTUBE VIDEO on land measurement below.

      Having the basic knowledge will go a long way, because it will help you know the exact price to pay for such land.

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      Rukayat Yusuf
      Rukayat Yusuf

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